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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester Séanna Harp21/Female/Canada Groups :iconfrost-ponies: Frost-Ponies
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OC Journal Skins
Template93 - Journal Skin by RicePoison
PinkRoyalJelly 2015 Journal Skin by RicePoison
Wild Heart Journal Skin [Gift] by RicePoison
Please provide:
- link to an OC(preferably a vector or transparent PNG)
- font choice (for the top image), and preferred choice of "from the journal/adventures/notes/desk/ect. of name/oc/username" or "username's journal"
- background style
    -  backplate style (transparent, patterned, picture [give a link], style [abstract, natural], coloured)
    -  textbox colour (what the text goes on top of)
- colour choice (choose four. Background, text, links, title) 
    -  title colour (for time/date, actual title will show as a teal link [I cannot change the font for this!])
    -  body text colour
    -  link colour (you can have two: active/hover and inactive)
-  link to cursor if desired (cutie mark, brohoof, tail, other cursor if you choose [otherwise default internet cursor will be used])
- any additional information I should know

• You MUST BE A PREMIUM MEMBER to use journal skins!I don't make the rules, deviantART does; journal skins are one of the perks you get as a premium member. 
I will check that you own your OC, if you don't I will decline your commission (you'll get your points back though!). Please do not steal other's OCs just so you can have a really cool Journal, it would look way more awesome with your own OCs.

All journal skins scroll, which means if you go over a certain text amount, the skin will scroll down to reveal more information

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:bulletgreen::bulletred: RicePoison | Lvl 12 | 25W 2L :bulletred::bulletgreen:

Feel free to add me to your LoL friends!
Heartseeker Ashe by fazie69Orianna by fazie69Ahri Foxfire by fazie69


:bulletpink: Ashe
:bulletpink: Orianna
:bulletpink: Ahri
:bulletpink: Lux

Champions Played

:bulletblue: Ashe
:bulletblue: Jinx
:bulletblue: Lux
:bulletblue: Miss Fortune
:bulletblue: Caitlyn
:bulletblue: Ahri
:bulletblue: Soraka
:bulletblue: Orianna

Champions Owned

:bulletblue: Janna
:bulletblue: Sona
:bulletblue: Annie
:bulletblue: Jinx
:bulletblue: Lux
:bulletblue: Sivir
:bulletblue: Soraka
:bulletblue: Miss Fortune
:bulletblue: Ahri
:bulletblue: Vayne
:bulletblue: Diana
:bulletblue: Orianna
:bulletblue: Quinn
:bulletblue: Tristana

Skins Owned

:bulletblue: All the Ashe Skins (unlocking them all does not unlock another skin...)
:bulletblue: Hextech Janna
:bulletblue: Arcade Miss Fortune
:bulletblue: Foxfire Ahri
:bulletblue: Midnight Ahri
:bulletblue: Firecracker Jinx
:bulletblue: Sorceress Lux
:bulletblue: Spellthief Lux
:bulletblue: Star Guardian Lux
:bulletblue: Gothic Annie
:bulletblue: Reverse Annie
:bulletblue: DJ Sona
:bulletblue: Sewn Chaos Orianna
:bulletblue: Lunar Goddess Diana
:bulletblue: Dryad Soraka
:bulletblue: Archlight Vayne
:bulletblue: Sweeper Alistar
:bulletblue: Viking Tryndamere
:bulletblue: Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
:bulletblue: Headhunter Caitlyn
:bulletblue: Rocket Girl Tristana
:bulletblue: Professor Ryze
:bulletblue: Hyena Warwick
:bulletblue: Bandit Sivir

Champions Wishlist

:bulletblue: Caitlyn
:bulletblue: Akali
:bulletblue: Katarina
:bulletblue: Riven
:bulletblue: Nami
:bulletblue: Nidalee
:bulletblue: Leona

Skins Wishlist

Champions Owned
:bulletblue: Arcade Sona
:bulletblue: Guqin Sona
:bulletblue: Heartseeker Vayne

Champions Wishlist
:bulletblue: Headhunter Caitlyn
:bulletblue: Sandstorm Katarina
:bulletblue: River Spirit Nami

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:bulletgreen::bulletred: Séanna :bulletred::bulletgreen:

Y Progress

100% Complete!

Safari Type:

:note: me to trade friend codes!

Omega Ruby Progress

40% Complete!

eh ha ha...

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 11:14 PM

So I lowered the limit on my credit card to $500 to curb my spending during the summer... and I forgot I lowered it so I went to the mall today, and it was declined. I've never run out of a Lush so fast.. after using my debit card of course to pay for stuff. 


Disclaimer: No this is not a 'help me I need money'... it's a 'I've been so tired lately look at this ridiculous thing I did this week because I haven't had time to update my deviantART journals since I started work' thing. 


RicePoison's Profile Picture
Séanna Harp
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm RicePoison. You may know me from FanFiction or Shadow Cities. I'm a webcomic artist, professional musician and an IMD student at Confederation College. I like making art and creating electronic music tracks.

Please ask my permission before uploading my work to other sites... If I say no, that means you can't upload a work.

Circle of Hope - revectored by RicePoison

Pegasister Stamp by SunnStamp

My birthday badge || Free IQ Test



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Night-Class Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the Fav :3
cayfie Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey there!
Haven't spoken in a while.. xD

How have you been, Rice? ^^
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Cloud-Seroku Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
im returning to music in may, sorry my soundcloud was removed XD
some--art Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  New member Student General Artist
hey, im just starting out with adopts and i was wondering if there was any advice you could offer me for selling them? is it my designs that arent right or am i going abouts selling them wrong? (you can be honest if my designs arent good enough)
(1 Reply)
Blueberry-Fields Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This might sound really random but thank you for making that Heteroflexible stamp. You are the only person I have found who has actually made a Heteroflexible flag. Just, thank you.
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